By car

Paid car parks

There are several pay car parks in the vicinity of Capitole Gent.

Interparking Zuid

Interparking Kouter

Interparking Center Parking

Interparking Gent Zuid

Low emission zone

The entire Ghent city center - i.e. the zone within the city ring (R40) - is a low emission zone. This means that you are no longer allowed to enter this zone with a polluting car. Capitole Gent lies inside the low emission zone. Take the precaution of checking in advance whether your vehicle is allowed to enter Ghent. Or even better: park your car at a Park & Ride (P+R) and use public transport for the remainder of your journey.

Circulation Plan

The Circulation Plan divides Ghent into 6 sectors: Tolhuis, Portus Ganda, Krook, Coupure, Brugse Poort and Rabot. Anyone who wants to go from one sector to the other must use the city ring R40. Capitole Gent is located in the Krook sector. For those arriving by car via the freeway, this is no problem. You drive over the long bridge of the E17 toward Zuid and you will automatically end up at Capitole Gent and Interparking Zuid. 

Read all about Ghent's Circulation Plan here.

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