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Rock Opera Pink Floyd - The Wall The Wall, Rockopera

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To build a wall between the public and the band: that’s what Roger Waters in 1977 intended to do because af the attitude of some of the fans ! It took two years of preparation, eight months of recording, a total concept change, almost schizofrenic … But on 30 November 1979 Pink Floyd finally launched the mythical album of a band at the top of its popularity.

Forty years later, the Rock Opera is still very much alive and contemporary with new releases and re-releases and more than thirty million albums sold!

The challenge to bring a new interpretation of this masterpiece is huge, but the means and the talent that were brought together are correspondingly.
Inspired and supported by the prestigious Floyd Revival Orchestra and under the direction of the French choreographer Johan Nus the dancers and singers of the Ars Lyrica company will perform this unbelievable show “Rock opera Pink Floyd – The Wall” in Capitole Gent.

Identical performed music, original projections, a truly amazing decor, beautiful choreographies……this is not just a concert, not just a ballet, not just a remake, this is a total spectacle, an impressive rock opera, strong and inspired as you probably never saw before! Just incredible!

Tickets: 38, 42, 52 and 58 euros
Please note that there is an additional service cost of 2 euros per ticket for tickets bought at the box office.


Fri 11.10.2019

Doors - 19:00
Start - 20:00

Capitole Gent

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"Rock Opera Pink Floyd - The Wall - The Wall, Rockopera" is organised by Classical Productions