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Mnozil Brass Pnadaemonium

In the almost 27 years of their existence, the ensemble Mnozil Brass has extensively and with the utmost seriousness performed unserious, even silly programmes. The new programme “Pandaemonium” fundamentally changes the rules of the game: “As of now, we will treat the serious side of life with the appropriate degree of flippancy. All the little demons gleefully standing in the way of our quest for truth, nobility and purity will be subjected to brazen, brassy scrutiny. Who wants to be holier-than-thou? Why do we enjoy the chase rather than being chaste and why the devil do we have more fun by night than by day?”

Mnozil Brass engages in this battery of questions with depth and dexterity, along with a pinch of presumed wisdom of the ages, in the new programme “Pandaemonium”.

Thomas Gansch, trumpet
Robert Rother, trumpet
Roman Rindberger, trumpet
Leonhard Paul, trombone, bass trumpet
Gerhard Füßl, trombone
Zoltán Kiss, trombone
Wilfried Brandstötter, tuba

Tickets: 35.75, 41.14 and 46.55 euros.
There is an additional service cost of 2 euros per ticket for tickets bought at the box office.


Sat 17.10.2020 download .ics file for your calendar app

Doors - 19:00
Start - 20:00

Capitole Gent

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"Mnozil Brass - Pnadaemonium" is organised by Südpolmusic